Tom Capehart: Upholding The Law

As an attorney who has practiced in our courts for nearly 30 years - and lifelong resident who shares our values - Tom Capehart is committed to upholding the law as Judge.

Applying the Law - Not Making It

As Judge, Tom will fairly apply the law of our state instead of make it from the bench because he knows to do anything else subverts the will of the people who have elected legislators to be their voice in law making. 

Protecting Our Families

Tom is a husband, father, and longtime community volunteer who shares our concerns over keeping our neighborhoods safe. He will bring common sense to the bench to ensure real criminals get the punishment they deserve and provide a second chance to those who need it.

Preserving Our Rights

Tom knows that every citizen of our state is guaranteed certain rights through our Constitution and laws. As Judge, he will make certain those rights are preserved.

Fair, Impartial & Ethical Hearings

As an attorney in private practice, Tom has earned the highest ethical rating possible from a national attorney review firm. As Judge, he will bring this reputation to the bench to provide everyone in our courts the fair and impartial hearings they expect.